The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) are among the foremost museums of the world. A total of 14 museums offer a thematic diversity that is exceptional for its kind.






source: SKD 2017

SLUB Collections

Founded in 1556, the SLUB today houses a variety of collections. The Library collects most comprehensively media from and about Saxony (Saxonica) and – commissioned by the German Research Foundation – literature on contemporary art, photography, industrial design and commercial art, and history of technology. In addition, also the music and the map collection have a special rank. These and other valuable materials are summarized in the special collections department. Finally the Deutsche Fotothek as one of the most important photo archives in Germany has a prominent role.



The Manuscript Collection of the SLUB includes medieval codices and manuscripts of the time before the invention of printing as well as German and foreign manuscripts of the early modern ages and the modern ages.

Manuscripts of the 16th to the 19th century are the collection's main focus. Strongly represented are Saxonica such as chronicles, collectanea on regional history, manuscripts of literary works, biographical and genealogical minutes, literature of the Saxon Court and Nobility as well as collections of letters.

305 written literary estates of artists, scientists and writers and musicians of the 18th, 19th and 20th century with partial relation to Saxony complement the collection.

Outstanding Individual Pieces


Maya manuscript(Codex Dresdensis) – 13th century
One of only three (Paris, Madrid, Dresden) world-wide known manuscripts of the natives of Central America, the Mayas.


Sachsenspiegel – 14th century
The most extensive and artistically most valuable of the four illuminated manuscripts of the medieval German law book.


Machsor mecholl haschana – 13th century
An illustrated Hebrew prayer book for the services on the Sabbaths before great Jewish holidays.


Codex Boernerianus – 9th century
A nineth century manuscript of the Pauline epistles in Latin and Greek, written in the monastery of St. Gallen.


Dresden Corvinas - 15th century
The SLUB owns two manuscripts formerly part of the important book collection of the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus (move. In 1458-1490). The Corvins belong to the world cultural heritage.


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